Monday, August 23, 2010

Upcoming Events!

Goodness! I really need to get back on my posting!

I wanted to let you all know about a couple of amazing events that are coming up here in Kansas City that I will be attending and I would love for you guys to come out and say Hello!

(UN)Scene KC
It's a wonderful fashion show that showcases Kustom Kulture and Punk fashions from designers straight out of Kansas City! There will be amazing clothes of course, along with six bands, the runway show, an art show, raffle and drinks ALL for only $10!

The incredibly talented Soraya Hatfield will be hosting and Miss Louise LeMans will be walking for Retro Vixen! Take some time to check out Louise's amazing blog, say Hi to Soraya on Facebook and check some of the clothes over at Retro Vixen.

Next weekend is Greaserama! This will be my first year actually because I've always had prior plans the last couple of years and was never able to make it. There will be hot rods as far as the eye can see. Vendors galore and live music!
I will be at the Giangreco Photography/Pin Up Stylings by Soraya booth. You'll be able to see Steve's amazing hot rod prints, books and even a calendar with not only yours truly but as well as the 11 other lovely ladies!

Of course I will take massive amounts of photos. If you happen to follow me on Twitter, I will also be tweeting and posting TwitPics while I'm there. I'm sure the people-watching will be bar none!

Oh! and here are a few teaser photos from my most recent shoot with Giangreco Photography. I can't wait to show you guys the rest!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My apologies!

AH! I'm being a bad blogger. :( Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Things have been both boring and crazy at the same time.

Between my being sick and the hubbs getting a widsom tooth pulled this week, we haven't been doing too much. I do most, if not all of my posting at work, which has been a madhouse it seems. Today is nice and quiet so I wanted to do a quick post for you guys.

We did manage to make it out to my sister-in-law's parent's house for a Cajun Crawfish Boil. It was a nice time, despite the heat and I FINALLY got to wear my new pants out in public!

We were running a hair behind so I didn't have a chance to take a picture after I had finished getting ready. My ma has some that I'll post after I get them.
Those pants are sooo comfy! I just adore them.

Speaking of my awesome ma; she bought me this great at from Vintage Vogue that I had wanted and I was going to wear it the Cajun party but it felt like it was just a tad too much.

It's a good size hat and I really like it and I think it looks good on me, I just need to find the right event to wear it to.

Oh! I have a shoot tomorrow with Giangreco Photography. I get to shoot again with the always lovely Miss Louise LeMans with my dear Soraya Hatfield from Pin-Up Stylings by Soraya on hair and make-up duties. It feels like it's been ages since my last shoot and I'm terribly excited for this one. Of course, I'll post pictures as soon as I get them.

Ciao for now!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Hair Hall of Fame

The Hair Hall of Fame

I stumbled upon this site today. UGH-Mazing. There are some, ahem, interesting hair photos. It's good for a laugh...possibly inspiration!


The Jukebox

This is just a little post about some of the music that I’ve been listening to lately. Music is a huge part of mine and my husband’s life, it’s one of the things that brought us together and I really enjoy hearing new things and introducing people to new music. I’ll do my absolute best to find video and/or clips of the songs for you guys to check out.
Oh and just heads up – I have a pretty wide range of the type of music a listen too, so don’t be surprised if these lists aren’t the most cohesive.

Some of the songs that I’ve had on repeat recently are:
“All I Could Do Was Cry” – Beyonce (originally Etta James) from the Cadillac Records Soundtrack.
I really like Etta James, it’s hard to top or even match the power and emotion she put into her songs. I tell ya what though, Beyonce does an amazing job. I really enjoyed this whole movie and I remember the first time I watched the scene in the studio when she sings this song; it literally gave me goose bumps. This is definitely a song you turn way up in the car or in the shower and do your best to sing a long to!

“The Stripper” – David Rose from Music of The Stripper
This is a great instrumental song. It’s a pretty well known song used in early burlesque acts and I’m sure there are some more modern shows that have used it. It’s a great song to clean the house to, take a shower to and get dressed (or undress) to! If you can dance while you’re doing it, this is the song to listen to.
P.S. You'll need to turn the volume up a tick on this video.

“If There Was a Way” – Dwight Yoakam
I’m not a huge country fan. What little country I do listen to is usually the older stuff such as Johnny Case, Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, Patsy Cline, etc…But, I can honestly say that I think Dwight Yoakam is easily the best country singer out there today. The “new country” that I have heard is not country…it’s pop music with a cowboy hat. That’s just my personal opinion though. ANYTOOT…This is another of those songs that gives me goose bumps, especially the acoustic version which is the version we have on the iPod. The video I found is also acoustic, just a longer version of ours.(You'll have to use the link, because they disabled embedding. :( If you get a chance, definitely check out It’s an acoustic CD that he did and it’s just him and a guitar. It’s amazing. Not to mention, the man is one hell of a dresser.

“Nice Girls Don’t Stay for Breakfast” – Julie London
This woman’s voice is incredible and although this song is a bit short, it’s one of my favorites from her. I tried to think back of when I first heard it but it just didn’t come to me, I’m glad it happened though. She is the one I listen to when the bath is full of bubbles and my glass is full of champagne.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


As promised, here are a few new photos of my new pantaloons, the teal dress and my new tattoo!

Now I've tried over and over to get good shots of myself actually wearing these pieces but they just didn't turn out. Between the lighting, which I'm fixing and my camera being just a basic point/shoot, it's a hair difficult to get something decent. BUT, never fear! I'm going to try again this evening and try to develop some sort of formula so I can get better pictures to you guys.

Here's a close up the pants:(excuse the dog hair!)

The teal has loops as if a belt used to be with it, but considering I'm not a huge fan of the thin belts anyway, I've got a couple of nice black ones that look great with it.

The new tattoo! This is from two Sunday's ago and it's in the peeling/itching stage. It's based off this image from a Bettie Page comic book a friend gave to me as a wedding present. There is also a picture of about half-way through the outline.

I'll go back in a few weeks and get it filled in which is going to hurt haha, that's a lot of black ink but I'm terribly excited to finish it!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Update: Round 2!

Just wanted to pop in whippity quick and fill everyone in on what's going on...

After a few different doctors appointments, they finally determined that I have a bit of a kidney infection, although mild, they still put me on an antibiotic but after receiving two pages (front and back) of side effects and warnings, I'm too terrified to take it! Some include: tendon and muscle rupture (no thank you!) heart problems, seeing and hearing things that aren't really there (seriously?! With my imagination, I'll go crazy!) along with possible eye problems like GOING BLIND! So I called the doc this morning to have them switch me to something else. Lord knows I don't want whatever infection I've got to get any worse but I also don't want things rupturing or going crazy (crazier).

Despite all that fun, I got to go shopping with my ma Saturday and made the score of my life! Now, I was awesome and forgot my camera at home today so I'll go ahead and post the pics that I have on my phone. I tried to lighten them and mess with the contrast so you can hopefully get an idea. I promise I'll have better pictures tomorrow!

This AMAZING store is called Vintage Vogue. If you live in, around Kansas City or intend on visiting, please check this place out. The lady who owns it, Kathy, is an absolute doll! It's all separated by era, then clothing type (i.e..1940's, dresses, skirts, etc...) So it's very organized and easy to find a particular item. I gave the link to the website but you really need to go in and actually see everything she has; shoes, lingerie, hats, pajamas, suits, jewelry, scarfs, formal dresses all from the 1900's to the 1980's.

One thing I noticed is that I never saw any pants out in the 40's section. After finding a great new dress, I asked Kathy if she had any 1940's high waist slacks. Lo and behold! She comes out from behind her curtain with a pair of 1940's WWII (possible Navy Issue) dark navy (almost black, it's hard to tell really) high waist wool pants.
I RAN to the dressing room and nearly peed myself when I finally got them on (I've never had to unbutton so many buttons in my life!) They fit like a dream!! I was so excited and they even matched with the wedge sandals I was wearing! I about died when I saw the price...$38! Can you believe that?!

Obviously I didn't button all the buttons for this picture haha.

The back of the pants actually tie at the top which I found interesting. The front panel has somewhere between 20 and a thousand buttons haha, all of them adorned with little anchors. There is also a tag on the inside that reads: Navy Manufacturing.

The one and only downside to them is that they are wool and will have to be dry-cleaned but other than that they are in tip-top shape!

Because the lighting in our house is appalling when it comes to photos, I'm going to change some light bulbs and do my best to get some good pictures for you. Oh! and I got a new tattoo so I'll have pictures of the outline as well as my new dress.

I'm going back to Vintage Vogue this weekend to buy a black hat that has a white bow around the top that I just can't NOT Have!

This week I'll have some posts about skin care, an eyebrow tutorial, my music playlist for the week along with a musician I think you should check out as well as various other ramblings!

As always, if you have any questions or specific things you'd like to see a post on please email me!!


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