Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Just a quick update folks...

I probably won't be posting a lot (if at all this week.) I've been feeling a bit under the weather the lately. I had a doctors appointment this morning and have another tomorrow, so depending on how that goes I may or may not be up to posting this week.

But I will be back in full force next week!


Friday, July 23, 2010

I’m constantly getting inspiration for either clothes or hair from movies. I wanted to list a few of my favorite flicks that offer amazing clothes, or even more amazing hair-do’s or both! Not all of these are necessarily from the 40’s or 50’s, but they still did a dammed good job and they make me wish I could do hair on set of era-specific movies. : )

One of the first that comes to mind is A League of Their Own. This is a great movie in general. I’m a huge Tom Hanks fan and I just adore is character in this film. I follow him on Twitter and he just seems like the nicest guy! (P.S.-The part where Bettie Spaghetti receives the letter about her husband dying in war makes me bawl every time.)
Anyway, there are some fabulous looks in this movie. My favorite happens to be later in the film where the gals are all staying in one house and the two main characters (Geena Davis and Lori Petty) get into a tiff because Petty’s character Kip has just been traded. Geena Davis’ whole outfit is wonderful.

Her hair wrapped up in a scarf with just a few curly tendrils peeking out in the front, with a great silk blouse tucked into a high-waist pant. In this scene, her scarf is placed pretty well at the hairline. Now, I’ve seen this look and attempted more than once and I’ve come to the conclusion that either my head is too big, or my scarf is too small…I’m going with the latter.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find a picture of this outfit, so I had to go with a screenshot and of course I couldn’t get a decent one of the entire ensemble. So here is a close up where you can see the pockets and buttons on the pants. It was hard to tell, but her shoes almost looked like they were possibly a Ked-style shoe, a simple white tennis shoe perhaps. Here’s the link to the scene, maybe you guys can figure it out.
Another scene that has an outfit I love (albeit a bit cleaner) is where Geena Davis and Lori Petty are walking home from the baseball game in the beginning of the film.

Again, Davis has a great high-waist sailor style pant, with a simple plaid blouse tucked in. Her hair looks to be parted down the middle and pulled back by either bobby pins or a barrette, still curly even after a game of ball. : )
Replicating either of these looks would be pretty simple, if you’ve got the pants. There a few different places online you can get them, I have yet to find a thrift store that has them, although the next time I got to Boomerang I’m going to ask about them.
Etsy- These are only $75 which really is pretty average I’m finding and the fact that you only pay $5.00 shipping is pretty nice also.
Heyday Vintage
Viven of Holloway
Freddies of Pinewood
Violetville Vintage-These are more expensive because (according to the site) they are actual vintage pants from the 1940’s; hence the limited size. The great thing about this site (if you can get past the prices, ouch!) is not only the selection but you can search by era which is very convenient.
Avenue.com- I found this great pair for the more voluptuous ladies, and they’re on sale too! They are a more modern cut but they would still look great with a baby-doll style t
reVamp Vintage- Also some really great pieces, but also very expensive.
Make Me Chic-Obviously not pants but these shorts are ADORABLE and they’re only $12.00! Sold.

Another more adventurous option is going to the thrift stores of course. As I mentioned earlier, I’ve never found an actual pair of high waist “sailor style” pants but that’s not to say you can’t improvise. I plan on doing this myself this weekend and I will definitely post pictures on how it goes.
Let’s say you find a pair of nice pants that you think could work for a high waist look; there are a few things you should do before you buy and some things you can do after you buy to change them up a bit.
Before you buy::

1-Try them on!!!
The golden rule of thrifting, from my point of view. Whether they’re from the 1980’s or the 1920’s, clothes fit differently throughout the years. Sizes change, cuts change, fabrics change so be sure to make sure they fit before you spend the dough! Especially when it comes to finding a pant or skirt that you want to replicate a specific look, on the hanger it may look to fall at just the right place on your body but once you try it on it could sit too low (which is usually what happens) or they could be too short in the leg. So just double check before trucking on.
2-Wear the right undergarments:
I, in no way at the moment, have a flat tummy. I also have huge hips and along with that comes a huge toosh. I’ve come to terms with these facts and now embrace them. Taking those things into consideration, I must prepare what I wear underneath so the clothes on the outside will look their best. Your two new best friends are waist cinchers and high waist, tummy flattening undies. The cincher you can either get online or at a thrift store. I even saw more modern styles at Macy’s recently.
The undies, I own two different kinds both purchased from Target. One in white and one in black of course, but the white pair has more stretch and they are not as restricting. These are perfect for pants, pencil skirts or form-fitting dresses. They offer enough stability in front to smooth you out without the possibility of bulging. The black pair, I use mostly for dresses usually with an a-line or flowy skirt. This pair is much stiffer, the fabric is thicker (it almost reminds me of a swimsuit type of fabric) and there is no question that you’ll have that flat tummy appearance. The one draw back, at least for me because of my shape is the sizing. If I go a size up, they tend to be too big in the stomach, if I go my normal size or smaller, they fit perfectly up top but are a bit constricting in the thigh which is why I limit their use to flowy skirts or loser fitting clothing. Since I have lost weight, both of my waist cinchers are too big and really no longer server their purpose. Essentially, they are shorter, less complicated, less clenching than a lace-up corset but offer roughly the same results. I also recommend, depending on your body type, wearing a pair of the aforementioned undies with the cincher to keep the silhouette consistent. If I am out and about, I’m usually dressed to the nines either way, but if that isn’t your style, at least try and take a pair of unmentionables with you while you’re trying on clothes, in most cases with this type of lingerie, you’ll be able to don a smaller size too!
3-Try to buy an “outfit” not just “a pair of pants”:
This can give you two options. When I shop, I try and visualize what I could wear with a particular garment and I try to start with the things I already own. (I’ve been told I do a lot of squinting when I shop!) I have more tops than bottoms for some reason so when I’m picking out a top; I try to think whether or not it will go with my capris, denim and/or skirts. When you’ve picked out a great pair of pants, think of how many outfits you can create with them paired with the clothes you already own (that includes shoes!). If nothing really comes to mind or you’re just not sure then go for the gold and buy a blouse as well. This way you can still test them out with your old clothes without being stuck with a pair of pants that you can’t wear.
4- Changing them up:
So you’ve got the pants and you’ve got a blouse to wear with it but you still want to fix them up a bit or they don’t have the EXACT look you want. The easiest way to remedy this is buy six to eight large size buttons (color is up to you, depending on the pants) and just sew three or four on each side either in a straight vertical fashion on the front like so..
Or you can sew them closer to the pockets either in front or behind…
This will definitely give you the more recognizable “sailor style” pant.

As always, if you have discovered or spruced up a great pair of pants to make an even more amazing ensemble, please email me pictures with a description so we can show it off!!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Retro Lovely Magazine

Just some shameless promotion...

Head over to Retro Lovely Magazine and order a copy of the second issue which has a picture of yours truly!

There are also some amazing photos by such photographers as Roy Varga, Celeste Giuliano, Atomic Cheesecake Studios, Viva Van Story and tons more!

They're only $10.00! You can't beat that with a stick!

Vintage Shoes

I had someone ask me recently about where she could find some vintage shoes...

There are a couple different sites you could go to depending on what type of shoe you are looking for.

If you want a more authentic vintage style shoe, I highly recommend Rocket Originals They've got some great clothes as well. I plan on ordering these in the not-so-distant future
There is also Remix Vintage Shoes but they are much more expensive than I would ever really want to pay for pair of shoes.

If you're looking for a more modern shoe that could work with a vintage style outfit then you have a few more options.
Pinup Girl Clothing has some cute selections and they're pretty reasonably priced. (Don't forget to check the sale section too.)
My Baby Jo has a smaller selection but still the prices won't give you a heart attack.
ModCloth has a few random gems that I really like but they also have a large amount of horrible, horrible shoes.

Exhibit A: Adorable

Exhibit B: Revolting.

The same goes for Lulu's. They advertise their "vintage" section as well that has two, possibly three reasonably cute dresses but the rest is all 1980's-1990's what I refer to as "hipster vintage"...it's bad.

What I try to do and I suggest everyone try, is research the era, in my case the 1940's, by looking at pictures and watching movies to find out what the shoes looked like back then head to the thrift store and pick shoes out there! As I have said in an earlier post, the shoes alone may not scream vintage but if you pair it with the right dress or skirt or pants, they'll suddenly start to look a little different. It's about the entire ensemble, not just one piece. Sometimes, if I'm not sure about a top or a dress, I make sure to try it on at home with full hair and makeup (if, for some reason I'm not already dolled up whilst shopping) and it really changes the way the clothes can look.

If you've found a pair of fabulous shoes, online or otherwise, please send me some pictures, let me know where you got them and I'll post them up for everyone else to oogle!

Happy Hunting!!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's in my make-up bag?!

I’ve had a few people ask me about the kind of make-up I use. Well, I use a few different kinds for different occasions.

Every Day:
Face- I just wear a light base from CoverGirl. It’s the Ultimate Finish liquid powder make-up in ivory.

I actually wear this whenever I’m going out as well because I don’t wear a lot of foundation or concealer; this is enough coverage for me. Before I got my skin in check, I used a liquid, Mat Velvet foundation from Make-Up Forever. (I'm going to a post about skin care in a few weeks also.)

It is a heavier liquid foundation, but I like the matte finish (I’m not much on the “natural look” if you hadn’t noticed) because a little went a long way and it worked really well in covering up any blemishes.

DISCLAIMER:: I PROMISE I’m not working for M.A.C. secretly haha, they just have amazing products with amazing quality. If you’ve found products that work equally well or even better, then please let me know!

Eyes- The only eyeliner that I’ve found that will work for me is the gel fluidline eyeliner from M.A.C. in Blacktrack ($15.00)

I have oily skin and that doesn’t stop at my eyelids; this is the only eyeliner that will not smudge two hours after I put it on. Pair it with a light brushing of a white eye shadow or even just a basic face powder will help the liner stay intact even longer. I employ the “cat-eye” style line everyday. Because I’ve been doing it for so long and it’s become so easy, that even on days I’m not quite feeling it, I’ll still at least do my cat-eye, it helps perk me up. I use the #208 Angled Brow Brush.

It’s easier for me to use this brush because there is a little more stiffness behind it, but you can also use #209 Eyeliner Brush.

I also use Revlon DoubleTwist waterproof mascara in Blackest Black. This is one of my favorite new mascaras recently. I used to wear the Maybeline in the green and pink tubes (that I think everyone and their mum has worn at least once). I’ve found that this doesn’t flake as much as the Maybeline and my lashes look a lot longer.

Brows- I draw my brows on every day, well most of my brows. The first quarter, closest to the center of my face is still all real eyebrow, the rest I shave off then draw on with a simple pencil from CoverGirl. I’ve tried plucking my brows but one: it hurts and two: I can never get the shape exactly how I want it. With drawing them on, I get the exact shape that I like and if I mess up, I can just wipe it off and do it over again. I was always under the impression that people could tell that they were fake but they didn’t look ridiculous enough to point it out. Well I came to find out that people think they’re real, so I’m doing something right! I wouldn’t suggest this course of action for everyone; it’s a shock to shave off part of your eyebrow for the first time haha. I don’t want to make any suggestions and have someone do it, then come back and yell at me! I’m considering doing a video on my brows. If you want to get a vintage style brow, I suggest starting with pictures. Research on how they were worn back in whichever era you identify most with and then go from there. I’ve learned that the brow can make and break your face, so please be mindful of any changes you want to make. And always have a good pencil on stand-by just in case!!

Lips- Nine times out of ten, I never leave without lipstick on. I use a matte finish lipstick called Russian Red by M.A.C. ($14.00).

As you can see, I'm running dangerously low!

It’s the perfect red for my skin tone. I tried so many shades before and they were all too orange and bright. Once I tried this shade on, I was sold for life. Not to mention that I never have to reapply more than once a day, even after eating. I did recently purchase another M.A.C. lipstick, a cream stick in M.A.C. Red. It’s a bit on the bright side (depending on the lighting of course) and it’s a tad more glossy than the Russian but I’ve found that I can dab a little of my Russian on at the same time and it darkens it just enough to my liking, but still works as a nice day-time shade. I don’t wear gloss really, although M.A.C. has Russian Red in a lip gloss that I’m dying to try. This would also be good for those days where you’re not quite feeling the matte finish but still want to look and feel glamorous.

Not much changes from my actual every day make-up to my evening/going out make-up. The few things that do change are the steps I take to “prime” my face and lips. I’ll apply a thin layer of Sephora Collection Smoothing Primer ($15.00).

It makes your skin nice and smooth and creates a base for your concealer and foundation. I will also do a “primer” of sorts for my lips. You can buy actual lip primer, but what I do is, first: smooth them out (take an old CLEAN toothbrush, run it under hot water and brush your lips until they are smooth/any excess or dead skin is removed), apply a thin layer of the chapstick of your choice, then lightly dab some powder from a compact until there is an even, light layer. Then apply your lipstick. I’ve found out that this process helps the lipstick last longer and you don’t have to worry about your lips drying out or feathering. Obviously, this stage is not necessary but I enjoy the process of getting all dolled up and this step makes it last just a little bit longer. : )

Here's an example of both my eyeliner and my brows. This isn't the traditional way to do a cat eye, but it's the way that looks best with my eyes. You have find a happy compromise. You'll have to excuse my headset, I'm at work. ; )


Picture Post!

Here are my treasures from the garage sale on Saturday as well as a quick thrift store trip last week.
My earrings:

(TIP: I always try to wipe down any jewelry I buy at thrift stores or especially garage sales and especially earrings with a little bit of bleach because you never know!)

The new bracelets:

$5.00 Shoes!


My Two Dollar purse

Today, I'm going to try and run to the thrift store on my lunch to find a slip. I recently bought this great purple dress, but didn't realize how sheer it was until I got it home! This is another dress that would look amazing with a petticoat, once I finally get one!


Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweaty Bettie!

David and I braved the ridiculous heat and humidity this weekend to attend the 36-Home garage sale I had mentioned on Friday. For some reason, I was under the impression that all thirty-six homes would be right next to each other, on one or two streets. I was sweatily mistaken. They were spread out over two to three blocks, and there surely wasn’t thirty-six of them…more like ten.
Pickin’s were pretty slim, especially for a Saturday but this sale went from Thursday, Friday to Saturday instead of the usual Friday, Saturday, Sunday. However, I did manage to pick up six pairs of earrings (.50 cents/pair), a set of red bangle bracelets ($1.00) and a brand new pair of red patent peep toe flats ($5.00). I was pretty happy with my finds. David didn’t find too much other than High Tension on DVD for two bucks. We didn’t think to check the disk before we bought it and of course there is a giant scratch on the back. We haven’t tried it yet though, forever the optimist I still think it will play. Oh and I do have pictures of my new treasures, just not on this computer. Tomorrow, I promise!
After sweating at the garage sale, we got to sweat some more with our friends at their adorable daughters’ 3rd birthday party, followed by even more sweating at the brother-in-law’s block party.
I thought by wearing a dress that I would stay fairly cool but when the humidity is 94%, you’re pretty much shit outta luck no matter what you wear. It was so bad, I had pin curled my hair the night before and had this great wave the next morning, by 10:30 am, it was almost completely flat. Pin curls will last almost three days on me, depending on styling and washing. I was pretty devastated. So I just threw the back into a nice little bun and it worked out.
The pin curl set I used was pretty simple. The first top rows rolled up, the row after rolled down then repeat! I did the same set for my bangs which gave them a nice fluffy curl. The front and sides (which were just victory rolls) were pretty reminiscent of the “For the Boys” hairstyle below, just done in a different way, with the back left down.

This is my new green dress which I love! I picked it up a few weekends ago at Boomerang for $26. The belt also came from boomerang for $6. The dress has a matching belt, but it's of the thinner variety and for this day it just wasn't working for me. Again, sorry for the angry expression! It sure felt like I was smiling! haha. I need to invest in a new camera. I tried many a time to get a good whole-body shot to show of the dress but it just would not work. The dress originally came just below my knees but I took the 3-inch hem out and it sits well and perfectly past my knees. I need to get a petticoat for it because it would make it seem like an entirely different dress. I wore my trusty black/cork wedge sandals.
I was inspired while watching “Pin Up Girl” with the simply adorable Betty Grable. The hairstyles in this movie are amazing!

The fact that it is in color allows you to see every wave and curl and it made me very jealous haha!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Sad Face

What the heat and humidity did to my curls today.

And they looked so good this morning! Haha

Tomorrow, the hubby and I are going to this garage sale by our house that supposedly has 36 homes involved. Needless to say, I'm pretty excited. Of course I'm looking for clothes and shoes, but if I could find some hair stuff (vintage or otherwise) that would make my weekend as well.
...Now I just need to decide what to wear!

I'm not mad you, I'm mad at the DIRT!

I finally bought one of my favorite movies on DVD. There’s an FYE not too far from our house and they were having a buy two used, get one free sale. So I picked up Team America, Fear and Loathing (replacing my never-returned copy) and Mommie Dearest!

I absolutely adore this movie. It’s been my favorite for a long time. I remember watching it on TV when I was a kid, not really knowing who Joan Crawford was or why she was so “dammed mad!” all the time. I watch it now and it’s just me swooning over the entire movie. From the hair, the clothes, her house…the eyebrows!

I have not read the book the movie is based on. I have severe OCD when it comes to books-to-movies. If I see the movie first, then read the book and there are the slightest differences, I can not finish the book. This has happened to me many times before. If I happen to read the book first, and the movie changes even the smallest details, if I notice it the movie is then ruined for me. Example: In the movie Interview with the Vampire, his Brad Pitt’s characters age is 25. In the book, he’s 28 and it drives me crazy. It’s the same with remakes, especially with horror movies but that is a whole ‘nother long post. If you have read the book and seen the movie, shoot me an email and let me know what you think, if the movie did the book justice.

Although I had seen this movie many times, I still didn’t know a whole lot about Joan Crawford herself. Thanks to Wikipedia, I learned quite a bit. The more I learn, the more I love her. She was actually from Kansas City, MO, which I live in a suburb of. And just as her personality shows in the movie, she didn’t have the easiest life. It’s a really interesting story and I suggest you check it out.

I though Faye Dunaway did an Oscar-worthy performance throughout the entire film. The resemblance physically is remarkable.

Granted, Faye is shown as an older Joan in this picture, but still! That’s pretty God damn close if ya ask me!

I was unaware that when this movie originally came out, it wasn’t well received. I just assumed everyone loved it! There is a special features section on the DVD that talks with the cast, the producer, director, etc…Faye was noticeably absent. Later in the feature, they start discussing the opening of the film and how the critics just hated it. A few months after the original release, Paramount saw that the movie was gaining a reputation for an unintentional comedy. I can understand that view, there are a few scenes that border on campy or extreme, but at the same time I think Joan was a bit of an extreme person. Those scenes could be completely true to life (minus the rose garden scene-never really happened, great scene though.) According to this little featurette, Faye completely shuns the movie, despite the cult following that it has amassed today.

Everyone always talks about the “wire hanger” scene, which is terrifying. She has the cold cream on which just enhances her features even more, and some of the expressions she makes are really more for a horror film. I was actually planning on getting her face from that scene tattooed on me somewhere…I may still do that.
I don’t have one favorite scene; I really enjoy the entire movie. It shows both sides of her, when she gets excited about getting the movie part and then turns right around a chops off her daughters hair for “making fun of her” as she play acts in front of her mothers mirror.

A lot of people say none of the beatings or rampages ever really happened. I am no where near a Joan Crawford biographer; I just know the movie and what little I have read about her. You will have to form your own judgment of her and her actions, real or otherwise.

I still think she’s fabulous.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Greetings from the steamy mid-west!

Ruthie Holiday here, and from today forward I shall be posting not only pictures, but any videos, links and general information from yesteryear. I’m terribly enamored with hair, fashion and the lifestyle of the 1940’s and 1950’s. I work full-time, (part of the reason I started this blog was to have something to keep me sane at work), but I will do my damndest to post more than once every three months. If you have any questions or suggestions for posts, please feel free to email me and I will dutifully see to it!

As I noted in the title of this post, it is disgustingly hot and humid here in Missouri, and taking some inspiration from another blog I just love (check out www.diaryofavintagegirl.com) I attempted a few different up-do’s recently. I have really long black hair, which is in desperate need of a trim. I tried to wear some pretty basic 1940’s curls for most of this week, (I’ll have pictures of those a little later on) but much to my chagrin, the humidity destroyed them by five o’clock. It was really discouraging too because I was so proud of how they initially turned out. That’s the way she goes I guess.

So here is a break down of the first style I tried. The original steps of this styles can be found in this amazing book, Vintage Hairstyling: Retro Styles with Step-by-Step Techniques. If you don’t have this book, I highly recommend you pick it up. It has everything from pin curls, to finger waves and victory rolls. It also has make-up and even tips on 30’s and 40’s nail styles. I’ll be doing a post on the half-moon nail coming up soon!

*WARNING* This is my first tutorial ever. I know I should have more pictures, especially towards the end, but I was short on time. Next time will be better!

This style was pretty easy as it just involves a basic curl set, three ponytails and a bit of creativity styling the back. Because I was doing this before work, my time limit was a bit cramped and I had to rush through the curling of the back portion of hair. Instead of curling all of my hair, I separated the front section and only curled the back. If you’re able to roll victory rolls without having to curl your hair first, you can do it this way also. Of course, because of my length and the fact that I’m also in the process of growing out my bangs, it didn’t look exactly like the book but I was still rather happy with it and will add it into my repituar.

“For the Boys”- Step 1: Curl
As I noted earlier, I only curled the bangs and then the back.

I used a smaller curling iron for this portion to get tighter curls. You can also pin-curl this portion the night before and it has even better results. I did some curls rolling forward and some rolling back for variation. Let them set.

Eventually, you'll have a small pile of curls like this...

Step 2: The Rolls
As I mentioned earlier, since I don't have to curl my hair to get victory rolls, I just separated the sections I would need and rolled them first. To do this, grab your portion of hair, bring it out to the side and slightly up (combing as you go to keep it smooth), wrap the end around your index and middle finger to secure a hole (the size depends on your preferences) pinching the hair to maintain that curl, roll the curl into the hair until you reach the scalp, bobby pin from the back first until the roll is exactly how you want it, then pin from the front and douse with hairspray! You can also do rolls with a little bit of backcombing, but that will be a later post! I sincerely apologize for my lack of pictures in this post, like I said, I was in a bit of a hurry and this is my first tutorial.

The lighting in my bathroom is pretty piss poor, hopefully you can still see what's going on here. You'll repeat the roll on the opposite side, then spray!

Step 3-Curl the back!
I just use a larger curling iron to do the back, then I set the curls with alligator clips to let the curls cool.

Step 4: Back to the bangs
Take a small-tooth comb or your fingers, and just lightly brush the curls up, just to break them up and give them some space. It's your preference as to how fluffy you want them. I adjust the brightness and contrast to hopefully it's easier to see.

Step 5: Ponytails
Try and let the curls set as long as possible, the longer the better. I could only let mine rest for about twenty minutes or so. Usually, it's between forty-five minutes to an hour if possible.
Once you let them down, you've already got a great vintage hair style. You could easily spray and go at this point!

(I don't know why I look so angry in this picture! haha)

Making three different sections, tie them into ponytails with the smaller pony tail holders.

You will then twist the ponytail to the point where it will almost colapse into itself, forming a small bun. Pin the bun, but do not twist all of the hair up. You will have the bun pinned and the ends of the hair still hanging. You'll do this on the other two sections.

Once you get here, just pin the curls up wherever you desire them and then spray.

Of course you can play with this look and really make it your own.

A little about myself...

As much as I would love be apart of the group of ladies that are full-time, strictly 1940’s enthusiast, I couldn’t correctly label myself so. At the moment, my wallet and in turn my closet doesn’t allow for it! I praise and envy those ladies though. If you’re going to do it, do it right and they certainly do! I would happily call myself a full-time vintage enthusiast though. I love not only the pomp and glamour of the forties, but the fun and lightness of the fifties.

I have, not only real vintage clothes from those time periods but I also have reproductions as well. I know some vintage enthusiasts shun on vintage reproductions and I understand why, especially if they’re able to only wear truly vintage items (again, I am green with envy) but I think that the reproductions (not all of them mind you, there are a handful) can look just as lovely and can really open up your wardrobe. I can understand that some locations, especially on the coasts, probably don’t have a need for reproduction clothing because they have a mass of amazing vintage and thrift stores to choose from. Being here in the Midwest does limit it a bit. In most thrift stores and the few stores that actually carry clothes from the eras before the 1980’s, finding a fabulous vintage piece is like striking gold!

I do have plenty of “modern” clothes hanging in my closet, the majority of which were purchased at second-hand stores. I’ve had to learn what the styles were in the forties and fifties and figure out how to translate those styles with more modern pieces. I’ve really adopted the mindset that just because it isn’t an actual silk blouse from 1945, and on its own or with the wrong pant or skirt, it definitely will not read “1940’s”, but with the right pairing, the right hair and make-up, you can still have an amazing vintage-styled outfit!

That’s the philosophy behind this blog…taking something new and making it old again! I hope that after reading some of my posts and seeing some photos that you can go to a thrift store pick out a shirt, skirt, dress, pants or shoes and turn them into something that looks wonderfully vintage!

I also do not claim to be a hairstylist or a make-up artist of any kind! I’ve got a very good friend who is a stylist that has taught me a few of her secrets, but the rest is all from trial and error, the love of the eras and the styles that came with them. I’ve been doing my make-up the same for probably the last ten to fifteen years. Practice makes perfect! I read books, blogs, and articles, watch YouTube how-to videos, try and copy pictures; it’s all research.


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