Thursday, July 15, 2010

A little about myself...

As much as I would love be apart of the group of ladies that are full-time, strictly 1940’s enthusiast, I couldn’t correctly label myself so. At the moment, my wallet and in turn my closet doesn’t allow for it! I praise and envy those ladies though. If you’re going to do it, do it right and they certainly do! I would happily call myself a full-time vintage enthusiast though. I love not only the pomp and glamour of the forties, but the fun and lightness of the fifties.

I have, not only real vintage clothes from those time periods but I also have reproductions as well. I know some vintage enthusiasts shun on vintage reproductions and I understand why, especially if they’re able to only wear truly vintage items (again, I am green with envy) but I think that the reproductions (not all of them mind you, there are a handful) can look just as lovely and can really open up your wardrobe. I can understand that some locations, especially on the coasts, probably don’t have a need for reproduction clothing because they have a mass of amazing vintage and thrift stores to choose from. Being here in the Midwest does limit it a bit. In most thrift stores and the few stores that actually carry clothes from the eras before the 1980’s, finding a fabulous vintage piece is like striking gold!

I do have plenty of “modern” clothes hanging in my closet, the majority of which were purchased at second-hand stores. I’ve had to learn what the styles were in the forties and fifties and figure out how to translate those styles with more modern pieces. I’ve really adopted the mindset that just because it isn’t an actual silk blouse from 1945, and on its own or with the wrong pant or skirt, it definitely will not read “1940’s”, but with the right pairing, the right hair and make-up, you can still have an amazing vintage-styled outfit!

That’s the philosophy behind this blog…taking something new and making it old again! I hope that after reading some of my posts and seeing some photos that you can go to a thrift store pick out a shirt, skirt, dress, pants or shoes and turn them into something that looks wonderfully vintage!

I also do not claim to be a hairstylist or a make-up artist of any kind! I’ve got a very good friend who is a stylist that has taught me a few of her secrets, but the rest is all from trial and error, the love of the eras and the styles that came with them. I’ve been doing my make-up the same for probably the last ten to fifteen years. Practice makes perfect! I read books, blogs, and articles, watch YouTube how-to videos, try and copy pictures; it’s all research.


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