Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Have I mentioned on here how much I despise cold weather? And snow? And ice? And essentially everything that the months November through February dump on my fair state of Missouri?

David bought me these gorgeous heels (that's 5 3/4 inch, in case you were wondering) for Christmas and they are terribly difficult to navigate in 8 inches of snow.

When the dreary months roll into town, I have a tendency to abandon my normal style and attitude and just wear my regular rotation of t-shirts, jeans and tennis shoes or boots. Unless, however, we're going out some place, I will sacrifice comfort for style and take the chance of freezing to death or slipping and breaking a hip on some ice...all for the sake of lookin' purdy.

I wish I would change my thinking and dress the way I really want all year round but that is much easier said than done for me. In the spring, summer and the warmer part of fall, I can justify wearing a nice dress, doing my hair, going all out even if I'm just stuck in my office all day. During those times of the year, it's much easier to get out and about to garage sales, estate sales and other places that one would find general vintage awesomeness on the weekends.

But who, WHO, I ask, would want to do anything that would require going out in this...

That last picture might look serine and quiet but when I look at it, I see pain. I see trudging out to my car in a long-sleeve shirt, hoodie, coat, gloves, boots, hat and scarf to defrost and scrape off the ice and 8 inches of snow so I can attempt to make it out of my neighborhood alive then make the slow trek to work all the while, praying that I don't skid off the road or some asshole with 4-wheel drive who's undoubtedly driving waaaay to fast won't rear-end me. This is why, much like bears, my husband and I tend to hibernate in the winter time.

I've always said that I cannot dress for winter but I think more about that, and it's not entirely true. To be brutally honest with myself, a lot of it is just laziness and lack of motivation. In the winter months, I don't find the need to get gussied up (unless we're going out of course) when it's going to be hidden behind my coat and loads of other protective outwear for 90% of the time. But, as I write this, I'm making a promise to myself (since winter here will probably last until mid-March. Queue the tears!) that I will make more of an effort to implore my usual style and attitude towards fashion, despite whatever mood mother nature is in!

As a start for me and those like me, I've discovered some amazing fall/winter clothes and accessories that would be the perfect place to start!

Quick Wit Dress from ModCloth

Norma Jean Winter Dress, also from ModCloth

1940's Green Leopard Capelet from Posh Girl Vintage

1960's Creamy Ivory Wool Sheep Fur Trim Coat from Posh Girl Vintage

This adorable Red Beaded Short-Sleeve Sweater on eBay would be great with a pair of cigarette pants and heels or flats.

Greant 1950's style Nylon Sweater also from eBay would be super cute with a pair of high-waisted pants.

I looooovvveeee this dress from Daddy O's

On this simple striped dress from Daddy O's, you could throw a cropped sweater with it and a pair of wrist-length black gloves to warm it up!

Hopefully, I can pull myself out of this winter rutt and get back on track! It's not going to snow this week and it's going to be above freezing! So we're already headed in the right direction. I'm getting my chest tattooed this weekend (SQQQUUUUUUEEEEEEAAAAALLLLL!!!! I'm SO Excited!) so as soon as I can wear clothes that don't have a v-neck or a scoop neck without writhing in pain, I'll post pics of my first winter outfits!


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