Monday, July 19, 2010

Sweaty Bettie!

David and I braved the ridiculous heat and humidity this weekend to attend the 36-Home garage sale I had mentioned on Friday. For some reason, I was under the impression that all thirty-six homes would be right next to each other, on one or two streets. I was sweatily mistaken. They were spread out over two to three blocks, and there surely wasn’t thirty-six of them…more like ten.
Pickin’s were pretty slim, especially for a Saturday but this sale went from Thursday, Friday to Saturday instead of the usual Friday, Saturday, Sunday. However, I did manage to pick up six pairs of earrings (.50 cents/pair), a set of red bangle bracelets ($1.00) and a brand new pair of red patent peep toe flats ($5.00). I was pretty happy with my finds. David didn’t find too much other than High Tension on DVD for two bucks. We didn’t think to check the disk before we bought it and of course there is a giant scratch on the back. We haven’t tried it yet though, forever the optimist I still think it will play. Oh and I do have pictures of my new treasures, just not on this computer. Tomorrow, I promise!
After sweating at the garage sale, we got to sweat some more with our friends at their adorable daughters’ 3rd birthday party, followed by even more sweating at the brother-in-law’s block party.
I thought by wearing a dress that I would stay fairly cool but when the humidity is 94%, you’re pretty much shit outta luck no matter what you wear. It was so bad, I had pin curled my hair the night before and had this great wave the next morning, by 10:30 am, it was almost completely flat. Pin curls will last almost three days on me, depending on styling and washing. I was pretty devastated. So I just threw the back into a nice little bun and it worked out.
The pin curl set I used was pretty simple. The first top rows rolled up, the row after rolled down then repeat! I did the same set for my bangs which gave them a nice fluffy curl. The front and sides (which were just victory rolls) were pretty reminiscent of the “For the Boys” hairstyle below, just done in a different way, with the back left down.

This is my new green dress which I love! I picked it up a few weekends ago at Boomerang for $26. The belt also came from boomerang for $6. The dress has a matching belt, but it's of the thinner variety and for this day it just wasn't working for me. Again, sorry for the angry expression! It sure felt like I was smiling! haha. I need to invest in a new camera. I tried many a time to get a good whole-body shot to show of the dress but it just would not work. The dress originally came just below my knees but I took the 3-inch hem out and it sits well and perfectly past my knees. I need to get a petticoat for it because it would make it seem like an entirely different dress. I wore my trusty black/cork wedge sandals.
I was inspired while watching “Pin Up Girl” with the simply adorable Betty Grable. The hairstyles in this movie are amazing!

The fact that it is in color allows you to see every wave and curl and it made me very jealous haha!


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