Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Vintage Shoes

I had someone ask me recently about where she could find some vintage shoes...

There are a couple different sites you could go to depending on what type of shoe you are looking for.

If you want a more authentic vintage style shoe, I highly recommend Rocket Originals They've got some great clothes as well. I plan on ordering these in the not-so-distant future
There is also Remix Vintage Shoes but they are much more expensive than I would ever really want to pay for pair of shoes.

If you're looking for a more modern shoe that could work with a vintage style outfit then you have a few more options.
Pinup Girl Clothing has some cute selections and they're pretty reasonably priced. (Don't forget to check the sale section too.)
My Baby Jo has a smaller selection but still the prices won't give you a heart attack.
ModCloth has a few random gems that I really like but they also have a large amount of horrible, horrible shoes.

Exhibit A: Adorable

Exhibit B: Revolting.

The same goes for Lulu's. They advertise their "vintage" section as well that has two, possibly three reasonably cute dresses but the rest is all 1980's-1990's what I refer to as "hipster vintage"'s bad.

What I try to do and I suggest everyone try, is research the era, in my case the 1940's, by looking at pictures and watching movies to find out what the shoes looked like back then head to the thrift store and pick shoes out there! As I have said in an earlier post, the shoes alone may not scream vintage but if you pair it with the right dress or skirt or pants, they'll suddenly start to look a little different. It's about the entire ensemble, not just one piece. Sometimes, if I'm not sure about a top or a dress, I make sure to try it on at home with full hair and makeup (if, for some reason I'm not already dolled up whilst shopping) and it really changes the way the clothes can look.

If you've found a pair of fabulous shoes, online or otherwise, please send me some pictures, let me know where you got them and I'll post them up for everyone else to oogle!

Happy Hunting!!


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