Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What's in my make-up bag?!

I’ve had a few people ask me about the kind of make-up I use. Well, I use a few different kinds for different occasions.

Every Day:
Face- I just wear a light base from CoverGirl. It’s the Ultimate Finish liquid powder make-up in ivory.

I actually wear this whenever I’m going out as well because I don’t wear a lot of foundation or concealer; this is enough coverage for me. Before I got my skin in check, I used a liquid, Mat Velvet foundation from Make-Up Forever. (I'm going to a post about skin care in a few weeks also.)

It is a heavier liquid foundation, but I like the matte finish (I’m not much on the “natural look” if you hadn’t noticed) because a little went a long way and it worked really well in covering up any blemishes.

DISCLAIMER:: I PROMISE I’m not working for M.A.C. secretly haha, they just have amazing products with amazing quality. If you’ve found products that work equally well or even better, then please let me know!

Eyes- The only eyeliner that I’ve found that will work for me is the gel fluidline eyeliner from M.A.C. in Blacktrack ($15.00)

I have oily skin and that doesn’t stop at my eyelids; this is the only eyeliner that will not smudge two hours after I put it on. Pair it with a light brushing of a white eye shadow or even just a basic face powder will help the liner stay intact even longer. I employ the “cat-eye” style line everyday. Because I’ve been doing it for so long and it’s become so easy, that even on days I’m not quite feeling it, I’ll still at least do my cat-eye, it helps perk me up. I use the #208 Angled Brow Brush.

It’s easier for me to use this brush because there is a little more stiffness behind it, but you can also use #209 Eyeliner Brush.

I also use Revlon DoubleTwist waterproof mascara in Blackest Black. This is one of my favorite new mascaras recently. I used to wear the Maybeline in the green and pink tubes (that I think everyone and their mum has worn at least once). I’ve found that this doesn’t flake as much as the Maybeline and my lashes look a lot longer.

Brows- I draw my brows on every day, well most of my brows. The first quarter, closest to the center of my face is still all real eyebrow, the rest I shave off then draw on with a simple pencil from CoverGirl. I’ve tried plucking my brows but one: it hurts and two: I can never get the shape exactly how I want it. With drawing them on, I get the exact shape that I like and if I mess up, I can just wipe it off and do it over again. I was always under the impression that people could tell that they were fake but they didn’t look ridiculous enough to point it out. Well I came to find out that people think they’re real, so I’m doing something right! I wouldn’t suggest this course of action for everyone; it’s a shock to shave off part of your eyebrow for the first time haha. I don’t want to make any suggestions and have someone do it, then come back and yell at me! I’m considering doing a video on my brows. If you want to get a vintage style brow, I suggest starting with pictures. Research on how they were worn back in whichever era you identify most with and then go from there. I’ve learned that the brow can make and break your face, so please be mindful of any changes you want to make. And always have a good pencil on stand-by just in case!!

Lips- Nine times out of ten, I never leave without lipstick on. I use a matte finish lipstick called Russian Red by M.A.C. ($14.00).

As you can see, I'm running dangerously low!

It’s the perfect red for my skin tone. I tried so many shades before and they were all too orange and bright. Once I tried this shade on, I was sold for life. Not to mention that I never have to reapply more than once a day, even after eating. I did recently purchase another M.A.C. lipstick, a cream stick in M.A.C. Red. It’s a bit on the bright side (depending on the lighting of course) and it’s a tad more glossy than the Russian but I’ve found that I can dab a little of my Russian on at the same time and it darkens it just enough to my liking, but still works as a nice day-time shade. I don’t wear gloss really, although M.A.C. has Russian Red in a lip gloss that I’m dying to try. This would also be good for those days where you’re not quite feeling the matte finish but still want to look and feel glamorous.

Not much changes from my actual every day make-up to my evening/going out make-up. The few things that do change are the steps I take to “prime” my face and lips. I’ll apply a thin layer of Sephora Collection Smoothing Primer ($15.00).

It makes your skin nice and smooth and creates a base for your concealer and foundation. I will also do a “primer” of sorts for my lips. You can buy actual lip primer, but what I do is, first: smooth them out (take an old CLEAN toothbrush, run it under hot water and brush your lips until they are smooth/any excess or dead skin is removed), apply a thin layer of the chapstick of your choice, then lightly dab some powder from a compact until there is an even, light layer. Then apply your lipstick. I’ve found out that this process helps the lipstick last longer and you don’t have to worry about your lips drying out or feathering. Obviously, this stage is not necessary but I enjoy the process of getting all dolled up and this step makes it last just a little bit longer. : )

Here's an example of both my eyeliner and my brows. This isn't the traditional way to do a cat eye, but it's the way that looks best with my eyes. You have find a happy compromise. You'll have to excuse my headset, I'm at work. ; )


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