Thursday, September 9, 2010

Greaserama 2010

Sooo, Greaserama 2010 was a big success I do believe.

It was my first one and I was terribly impressed with just about everything-minus the few things I heard from others about the bathrooms or lack thereof and the drink prices (for those of us that weren't aware we could bring our own!) Oh, and this will be a photo-lacking post for the most part because alas, my camera is dead. :( It jumped from the overhead shelf in my work cubicle and busted the lens. Thankfully, it is still under warranty and was already sent off to be fixed!

Being that I'm the kind of person that rarely passes on an opportunity to get all gussied up, I donned my perfect black pencil skirt from Mode Merr, my black and white stripped top from the thrift store and my favorite pair of shoes, the black patent 4.5 inch heels by Miss Jessica Simpson. Despite the face that it's Jessica Simpson, you really should check out her shoes, she has some super cute items.

Here's a portion of the outfit while Miss Soraya is doing Louise LeMans hair!

I wore my favorite shoes, unaware that 85% of Greaserama would be loose gravel. Not only was it loose gravel but it wasn't the normal teeny tiny gravel, no...this was giant, boulder-style gravel that was almost impossible to walk in. Although I ALMOST fell a handful of times, I never actually made contact with the ground. All in all, a success.

My hubby and I were fortunate enough to be able to hang out at the Giangreco Photography/Pin-Up Stylings by Soraya tent most of the day which really cut down on aimlessly walking around and being in the sun (which we all know is a No-No for me.)

There were greeting cards for sale, along with Steve's hot rod prints aaannndddd...(drumroll please) The Gears and Gals 2011 Calendar! Featuring lovely local hot rods and equally stunning Kansas City ladies! Head on over and pick up your copy!

We wandered down to the Retro Vixen tent, which had some amazing new purses from Lux DeVille and I picked up a pretty pink fabric parasol! Next to her was the Monkey Wrench Clothing tent, which I intend to bug her about a custom made corset here before too long.
Most of the day was spent hanging around the tent, talking to random folk and taking pictures. Soraya did hair of a little girl for her 10th birthday, it was so amazingly cute. Then the girl asked to have her picture taken with both Louise and I. She was adorable.

There were a mass of gorgeous cars this year. I overheard someone say that there were over 900 cars this year, not too shabby I'd say. We will definitely go back next year, but we will have a cooler and our own grill this time! You can head over to Louise's blog to see more photos of those cars.

I've got a shoot this weekend with Giangreco. I'm working out the details of a shoot with Angela Bond Photography sometime this month and I have shoot in November with JBPhotography. Along with a few other events peppered in between, it's going to be a busy few months coming up!



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