Friday, September 10, 2010

Dear VH1...

First off, let me extend my congratulations for getting one out of your "100 Greatest Artist of All Time" countdown correct. Michael Jackson is not better than The Beatles and I'm tickled pink that you were finally able to realize this. Secondly, I do understand the fact that this isn't "VH1's" list per se, it was voted on by artists in the industry today but you take some responsibility for airing what has come to be known in my household as "The WORST Countdown List Ever."

You continually fail to recognize that there was, in fact, music created BEFORE 1962. Could it be because the "musicians" you pick to cast their vote weren't even alive to judge those artists? Being only 24 myself, that is a bold statement I know. I, unlike the people who voted, seem realize and respect a thing called history. I know that without certain artists of the past we wouldn't have artists of the future. Or is it possible that the people that did happen to live through those eras have horrible tastes in music? I really think you should take more consideration when it comes to the people you A-ask to vote and B-choose to interview. I have a really difficult time hearing Hanson tell me how great The Doors are or Sisco telling me how much he loves Guns 'n' Roses and to be brutally frank, I don't care what Mandy Moore's top 5 is. Also, I don't know who Chris Daughtry is but the fact that his number one artist OF ALL TIME is Live, beating Led Zepplin and Black Sabbath, honestly makes me want to vomit. Did you air that as a joke? Because it wasn't funny.

I have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of a definitive list of the greatest artists ever that doesn't include Frank Sinatra, Billie Holiday (even though you included Aretha Franklin) or Jerry Lee Lewis (even though Little Richard and Chuck Berry made the list.) Frankly, I was really surprised but still overjoyed that you included Elvis on this list. I was also surprised (and disappointed) that he wasn't in the top five. It seems to me that you don't take into consideration that without Elvis, many of the bands on the list along with those you interviewed probably wouldn't even exist; including number one. There were a multitude of artists that could have been sacrificed in order to place these well-deserving artists. On the chopping block: Hall and Oats (seriously?) Biggie Smalls, The Police, ABBA (you're fucking kidding right?) and The Velvet Underground (They've got a few good songs but in no way are they better than Johnny Cash.)

Did you even bother to look over the list before you decided to air it? Maybe whip up a "final draft" if you will? I wonder that because I can't imagine what person in their right mind would honestly put Nirvana AFTER Pink Floyd. Do you really believe that Nirvana is better? Think about that statement...Nirvana is better than Pink Floyd. Pretty ridiculous, huh. Your countdown was chock-full of ridiculous statements it seems. Some of the gems were: The Clash is better than AC/DC, Aretha Franklin AND Johnny Cash. Sade is better than Whitney Houston. ABBA is better than Pearl Jam (and you can ask anyone, I Fucking HATE Pearl Jam but I can respect them.)

Of course, this is all just my opinion but I have a pretty good feeling that 85% of people will agree with me.

Oh and before I close, let the people you interview be honest, for once! I know not everyone likes Van Morrison or Beyonce. I'm sorry but I can't believe Michelle Williams when she says she's a massive Judas Priest fan. Here's a line you could toss to a few folks: "You know, I'm not a huge fan of (insert artist here) but I respect them." Easy. as. pie.

I have lost all faith in VH1...what little there was to begin with.

Yours in outrage,
Ruthie Holiday

Here is a link to the entire list. I suggest checking out the comments too. They're pretty interesting.

P.S. Here is my personal list of artists that were not on this countdown. In no particular order...
Dwight Yoakam
Frank Sinatra
Billie Holiday
Lena Horne
Jerry Lee Lewis
Garth Brooks
Sam Cooke
Robert Johnson
Hank Williams
Louis Armstrong
Muddy Waters
Howlin' Wolf
Etta James
The Everly Brothers
Buddy Holly
Diana Ross
And a few more I'm sure that haven't popped into my head.


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