Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dior Spring Collection 2010

So I caught come pictures of the Christian Dior spring collection at Paris Fashion Week and I have to admit that I am torn. There were a few pieces that I really enjoyed, like the longer dresses, a few tops and a pair of fabulous high-waist pants; not to mention some amazing heels. Overall, I really enjoyed the designs themselves. Then there were issues, even with the pieces that I liked. Most of my issues are about the styling of the models and the pairing they did.

The two main things that bothered me were A-how horrible the clothes fit the models and B-the looks didn't actually create an entire "look" for me, personally. I saw them all as individual pieces.

Addressing issue number one...
I can't imagine trying to dress someone who weighs less than 46 lbs., but you would think designers, especially Dior whom I adore, would think maybe the clothes are a bit too loose? How do you put a high-waist pant on someone who doesn't have a waist?!
Look at the image above with the pant. Gorgeous color, the buttons are amazing but they look about two sizes too big! The blouse is the same story. If they would have used models that actually have a shape (besides straight up and down) then I think the clothes would have looked a million times better.

I admit I am bias when it comes to clothes with a "vintage feel." I think if you're going to do vintage, go all out. I understand though that they want to create new, modern pieces and not re-create something from the past.

Issue number two...
This isn't so much about the design of the clothes, it's more the styling. Again, I know they want a modern feel to the collection, but there is no way I would pair this GORGEOUS top with that skirt.

How perfect would that top be with those pants above? Especially on someone who actually eats! The same goes for the pink floral top above. I could never pull off those "not quite capris-not quite shorts" pant anyway, but that is the last top I would try to pair it with.

My last big bitch; this is the OCD talking even though I know I'm not the only one who picked up on it, was the fact the bangs whether they were clipped in or real were CUT CROOKED!. Seriously? You're sending models in Dior down the runway with crooked hair. I have a hard time leaving the house if my bangs are crooked. Someone get them some scissors asap.

You can check out the rest of the collection along with other designers from this years Paris Fashion Week and past shows here.


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